Current Executive

President: Sandy Campbell
Vice-President: Janice Kung 
Past President: Robin Featherstone
Treasurer: Jorden Habib
Secretary: Morgan Truax
Student Reps: Laura Hamonic, Pamela Ridley

Executive Member Bios

Sandy Campbell (President)
Sandy Campbell is a health librarian at the John W. Scott Health Sciences Library at the University of Alberta, with liaison responsibility for the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry and the School of Public Health. Sandy has been a health librarian since 2008, having been a Science and Technology librarian prior to that. She has particular interests northern information and northern health and is a Council Member of the University of the Arctic, representing the Polar Libraries Colloquy. Sandy has presented and published locally, regionally, nationally and internationally on a variety of subjects including information literacy and digital library services. Sandy’s current research activities include examining the role of librarians in systematic review searching and the Digital Library North project

Janice Kung (Vice President/President-Elect)
Janice Kung is a Health Sciences Librarian at the John W. Scott Health Sciences Library at the University of Alberta, with liaison responsibility for the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. Prior to her current role, she was the Business Reference & Subject Librarian. She was the liaison to the John Molson School of Business (JMSB) at Concordia University in Montreal. Her interests include library instruction, social media, research data management, and measuring research impact. She graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and completed her MLIS Degree in November 2013.

Robin Featherstone (Past President)
Robin Featherstone is Research Librarian for the Alberta Research Centre for Health Evidence (ARCHE) in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Alberta. Prior to becoming a research embedded health librarian, Robin was a liaison librarian for academic health sciences libraries at McGill and Western Universities, and a hospital librarian at Montreal General Hospital. Robin was a National Library of Medicine associate fellow (2006-2008) and completed her second-year fellowship at the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library, Yale University. She graduated from Dalhousie’s School of Information Management with her MLIS in 2006 and was an Intern at the W.K. Kellogg Health Sciences Library.

Jorden Habib (Treasurer)
Jorden Habib is a librarian for Alberta Health Services’ Knowledge Resource Service, and is based at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital. Prior to joining AHS, Jorden was a Gender Studies and English Literature librarian for the University of Alberta Libraries, a sessional instructor for the U of A’s Faculty of Education, and a social studies teacher. Following completion of her MLIS, she completed internships with the University of Alberta Libraries and UNESCO Library Services. She is new to health care librarianship and looks forward to learning from the NAHLA community.

Morgan Truax (Secretary)
Morgan Truax is a Team Lead and Librarian for Alberta Health Services’ Knowledge Resource Service, primarily based at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton. Prior to that, she was Librarian for the Canadian Patient Safety Institute and Clinical Librarian for BC Mental Health and Addiction Services. Her passion is to ensure all AHS clinicians have access to the best available evidence to inform patient care. She has previously served on the NAHLA executive as Treasurer from 2010-2012.

Laura Hamonic (2nd Year Student Representative)
Laura Hamonic is a second year student at the University of Alberta School of Library and Information Studies. She was first interested in working in health sciences following a high school internship at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. As an undergraduate student she worked in a research lab, but she quickly found she was more interested in librarianship. She is now working at the Bibliothèque Saint-Jean and hopes to pursue a career in the field of health librarianship.

Pamela Ridley (1st Year Student Representative)
Pam Ridley is in her first year at the University of Alberta School of Library and Information Studies.  While she is new to health librarianship, Pam is interested in the public library’s role in promoting and developing health and information literacy and is  excited to engage with and learn from the NAHLA community. Pam completed her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Alberta and is currently working at Edmonton Public Library.