Leading Edge Workshops

The Leading Edge workshops are a series of professional development opportunities organized by NAHLA each year.

Previous Leading Edge Workshops

Looking Through the Lens of Social Style
Presenter: Fern Richardson
Description: This workshop explores social styles. Our ability to recognize and adapt our preferred workplace communication behaviors can create more successful interactions and result in productive working relationships.
Learning Outcomes
Participants did:

  • Determine their preferred workplace behaviour styles by completing the Social Styles Inventory
  • Reflect on their preferences and how these preferences impact workplace behaviour
  • Describe at least two ways to communicate with each social style

Date: May 2019

Consumer Health Information
Presenters: Dr. Tami Oliphant, Lauren Seal, and Tabatha Plesuk
Description: Take a deep dive into consumer health information! This session will feature presentations and discussion on the topic of consumer health information from multiple perspectives. Dr. Tami Oliphant (School of Library and Information Studies, University of Alberta) will discuss her research in the area of human information interaction within a consumer health context. Lauren Seal (Librarian, Alberta Health Services) and Tabatha Plesuk (MLIS candidate and Registered Nurse) will present on Alberta Health Services’ (AHS) role in consumer health information provision, what is being done in AHS libraries, what frontline clinicians are doing, and future directions.
Date: February 2019

Putting the “Evidence” in “Evidence-Based Medicine”: The Role of LIS Professionals in Health Care
Presenters: Lana Atkinson, Amanda Holt, Nicole Loroff, Lauren Seal, Shelley White, Connie Winther
Description: Session included a presentation from Alberta Health Services (AHS) and Covenant Health Librarians and Library Technicians all about the work they do in serving clinicians and health care professionals across the province. There was also a panel discussion with the Librarians and Library Technicians where participants could ask questions about presenters’ unique experiences, as well as what skills they think are necessary to be employable within the industry.
Date: November 2018
Session recordings and slides

Overcoming arithmophobia: A statistics primer
Presenters: Laura Hamonic & Maria Tan
Description: Are you living in fear of statistics and looking for help demystifying them or a statistics whiz looking for a quick refresher? Join us for this primer on basic statistics that health librarians can apply or consider when doing survey research and instructing students. We will cover variables, levels of measurement, descriptive statistics, introduce the concept of inferential statistics, and include hands-on activities to help you practically apply these concepts.
Date: February 2018
Session slides

Searching Tips, Tricks and Hacks with Expert Searchers
Presenters: Various
Description: Improve your searching skills by learning from the experts! Come to this round-table session, where expert searchers will share their favourite tricks, tips or hacks for searching electronic databases. There will be lots of time for discussion and questions, so bring your own tricks and your search questions.
Date: November 2017
Session slides

Best practices in searching for Health Economics Literature: The good, the bad, and the ugly
Dagmara Chojecki & Lisa Tjosvold
Description: Health economics is a specialized area within health services research that has an important role in health care decision and policy making. Finding health economics research often presents its own set of challenges because of the specialized terminology and literature sources that need to be used.  This session will focus on exploring some basic health economics concepts and resources but will also present best practices that have been developed by information specialists to retrieve studies in this domain.
Date: February 2017

Cochrane Librarians Workshop
Presenter: Dr. Jessie McGowan
Description: This is a special Leading Edge event, co-sponsored by the CHLA/ABSC Chapter and Interest Group Initiatives Fund, the Edmonton Public Library, and NAHLA. This accredited full-day, hands-on workshop will provide an overview of the steps required in searching to support Cochrane systematic reviews. This course will provide an overview of Cochrane searching methods needed in systematic reviews, including how to work with research questions, plan a multi-database, multi-modal search strategy, apply search filters, document the search strategy and manage a database of references. It will also include an introduction to PRESS to peer review literature searches.
Date: October 2016