Project Exposition

NAHLA’s Project Exposition (previously, Research Exposition) is an annual event that showcases projects and research being conducted by our members and is an opportunity to share and seek feedback on any challenges or successes you may have encountered while working on these projects.

Each presenter provides a brief introduction to their project or research and describes any success/obstacles that have been encountered along the way. A discussion period follows each presentation where attendees can ask questions or provide feedback on the project.

Projects at all stages are welcome.

2020 Online Project Exposition

Presenter: Victoria Eke
Title: Assessing the Quality of Literature Search Methods and Reporting in Systematic Reviews: A Post-Publication Peer Review
Description: Clear, accurate and detailed reporting of systematic review (SR) search methods ensures transparency and replicability. This project aims to evaluate the quality of current SR search strategy methods and reporting from five top-tiered medical journals published between 2017 and 2019.

Presenter: Heather Ganshorn
Title: Data discovery in a Canadian context: An analysis of CIHR-funded research data sharing practices
Description: Our team (PI is Kevin Read at USask) is undertaking an analysis of identified CIHR-funded publications in PubMed and PubMed Central that have a data availability statement or have deposited data in a repository. We will compare Canadian researchers’ current practices to the Tri-Agency proposed framework for research data management and sharing. The information gathered from this study will be used to identify gaps within the Canadian data sharing landscape.

Presenters: Connie Winther & Sandy Campbell
Title: Community authorship on Inuit health research publications
Description: Inclusion of local and community researchers as integral members of research teams and, ultimately, as authors on research publications is one of the ways in which we can build equity and inclusion into research projects in Canada’s North. This project examines the primary studies related to the health of Canadian Inuit people, to identify the frequency, extent and methods of the inclusion of community members as authors.

Presenter: Janice Kung
Title: COVID-19 Infodemic: Ad-Hoc Librarian Group to Support WHO Researcher
Description: How can librarians contribute to the global COVID-19 pandemic? There was an ad-hoc librarian group struck to provide support to a WHO researcher and this talk will provide an overview of what has been accomplished thus far.

2019 Project Exposition

Presenter: Julia Martyniuk
Title: An Investigation of the Privacy of Library Users.
Description: This project is an investigation of the privacy of library patrons, specifically focusing on privacy issues related to vendors’ provision of electronic products, and how the forthcoming trend away from IP-based authentication is going to effect patron privacy.

Presenter: Maria Tan
Title: Predatory publishing scams: Is recovery possible?
Description: This presentation describes a project underway that proposes potential steps researchers can take to recover if they find themselves published in a fake journal or listed on a fake editorial board.

Presenter: Laura Hamonic
Title: Using an Instagram take-over to alleviate library anxiety.
Description: Many students find academic libraries intimidating. Staff can help alleviate this through their personal interactions, however, this is challenging in online spaces. We endeavored to alleviate this by imitating these personal interactions via our Instagram account. This talk will provide our rationale, set-up, and outcomes.

2018 Research Exposition Presentations 
Presenter: Maria Tan
Research: The way forward: Reconciliation through Indigenously-authored children’s fiction

Presenters: Marta Michas
Research: Systematic reviews and Health Technology Assessments

Presenters: Dagmara Chojecki & Judith Cerna
Research: How I learned to stop worrying and love records management: Information specialists and librarians as records managers at a small research institute

2016 Research Exposition Presentations
Presenters: Liz Dennett
Research: Librarians’ citation practices for reused search strategies

Presenter: Tami Oliphant & Ali Shiri
Research: Mapping health-related big data in Alberta

Presenter: Thane Chambers
Research: Role of altmetrics in nursing